Welcome to our introduction to at-home physical therapy. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or just want to feel more mobile in your day-to-day activities, these exercises can help anyone at any age. At Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists, we think that all patients can benefit from physical therapy, and this active approach can relieve your chronic pain.

This page is meant to start you on the basics which can be very helpful for overall function, but are not meant to replace any existing physical therapy. It is important to seek professional physical therapy if recommended by your doctor, or maintain your current routines with your physical therapist.

Every exercise here is meant to feel comfortable and none of these positions should ever hurt. If anything begins to hurt, stop doing the exercise immediately, and either modify the exercise or seek consultation with a licensed physical therapist to help guide you.

Lower Back & Hip Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent types of pain in the country. It seems almost everyone suffers from some degree of it. Here we will go through a few gentle stretches that you can (and should!) do every morning to try to decrease your pain. You can do them standing, sitting and lying down, all you need is a flat surface.

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

A lot of tension is held in the neck and shoulders. Here are a few stretches that can loosen up some of that tension. So easy to do, you can even do your stretches in the office!


TMJ is a terribly uncomfortable condition that has to do with your facial muscles. The remedy starts here, do a few exercises to counter your clenching.

Remember, you can never stretch too often or for too long, so get active and have fun!

*Those who perform these exercises do so at their own risk. If you begin to feel any pain, stop immediately. Seek professional advice if pain persists*


"Jaime and Margaret have been the most help to me. I always feel better after a session with them and they are very kind and considerate of patients needs."

"Jamie the Physical Therapist is amazing, caring and compassionate. I always leave after PT feeling so much better. Please thank her."

"I see Kelsey for physical therapy in Sparks office. I just love her and she has helped me so much."

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